Hi there, welcome to my blog!

This is all new to me, but I’m trying to set up this blog to spread my pictures around! I love photography, in different subjects and forms.           I usually start by taking digital (Nikon-fan) colour pictures, but then I get new ideas: some will be turned into black&white (like modern architecture), others will end up in audio-visual series (the famous old-fashioned slide-shows!).

Another part is infra-red photography: sometimes mysterious, or just surprising! I picked up the new method somewhere on the internet : it seems to be possible to turn the pictures in 2 colours ; and then you just go on swapping channels, adjusting hue, brightness, contrast. It looks like a different, parallel world.

Well, that’s how I spend my spare time, and you can just enjoy.

About the blogger: Geertrui Derycke lives in Belgium, likes to travel, loves cityscapes and architecture, people in their natural surroundings, nature and landscapes, models and children playing.


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